Sudurpaschim Provincial Disaster Response Framework (सुदुरपस्चिम प्रदेश विपद पर्तिकार्य क्रयढाँचा)


The Sudurpaschim Provincial Disaster Response Framework 2028 outlines a structured approach to managing and mitigating disaster risks within Nepal's Far-Western Region. The framework stresses the importance of a coordinated response, highlighting the region's vulnerability to a range of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Specific risks such as fires, landslides, epidemics, and earthquakes are addressed, aiming to establish a comprehensive response system. It covers all aspects of disaster management from preparation to recovery, aligning with national standards while addressing regional needs. The framework emphasizes mobilization, coordination, and facilitation of assistance, ensuring effective utilization during disasters. It details roles and responsibilities of provincial agencies, focusing on preparedness action plans at regional and district levels for enhanced coordination and cooperation. Compliance with legal standards ensures systematic execution of actions, ultimately enhancing Sudurpaschim Province's resilience against disaster risks. 


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Sudurpaschim Province

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