Safer society (सुरक्षित समाज )


The report focuses on earthquake safety and disaster risk management in Nepal, aiming to foster safer communities through preparedness, response, and recovery measures. Given Nepal's high earthquake risk, it highlights initiatives such as the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project and the School Earthquake Safety Program, which have increased public awareness, implemented action plans, and supported recovery efforts in Pakistan over the past decade. The report's main objectives are to sensitize, educate, and assist institutions in adopting systematic approaches to manage and minimize earthquake risks by sharing information, technical knowledge, and skills, and helping them mobilize resources. It also advocates for supportive policies, legal frameworks, and a unified national earthquake response mechanism, while creating incentives for communities to enhance their earthquake safety. Additionally, it aims to establish a strong, well-resourced, and credible institution as the national focal point for earthquake risk management, serving as a facilitator, coordinator, and comprehensive information source within the earthquake disaster management network.


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