Global status of multi-hazard early warning systems 2023 ( विश्वव्यापी स्थिति बहु-खतरा प्रारम्भिक चेतावनी प्रणाली 2023 )


The report focusses into the global status of multi-hazard Early Warning Systems (EWS), highlighting their pivotal role in mitigating the escalating impact of disasters exacerbated by the climate crisis. It underscores the potential of multi-hazard early warning systems (MHEWS) to reduce risks and save lives, offering a substantial return on investment. However, the data presented in the report indicates that only half of the world is covered by early warning systems, with notably low coverage in least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS). Moreover, progress across MHEWS pillars is uneven, revealing significant gaps in risk knowledge and observation networks. The report emphasizes the critical importance of community outreach and local engagement for the effectiveness of early warning systems. Initiatives such as Early Warnings for All (EW4All) strive to bolster global early warning coverage, underscoring the necessity for quality data, policy integration, and international cooperation. It underscores the imperative of strengthening MHEWS, including the integration of low-tech solutions, to effectively address the mounting impact of climate-related disasters. 





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