RAPID ASSESSMENT OF COVID-19 RELATED POLICY AUDIT IN NEPAL (Covid-19 सम्बन्धित नेपालमा नीति लेखापरीक्षणको द्रुत मूल्याङ्कन)


The study aimed to swiftly evaluate the implementation of COVID-19 policies and directives issued by Nepal's Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and its associated agencies. Interviews were conducted with key informants across all seven provinces to delve into policy compliance and pinpoint gaps. The report detailed its findings, highlighting challenges such as the intricacy of guidelines, officials' limited understanding, and inadequate infrastructure for quarantine management. Recommendations included the formation of a multidisciplinary advisory team, improved coordination among government levels, revision of guidelines with input from stakeholders, enhanced testing and monitoring, ensuring the quality of personal protective equipment (PPE), strengthening communication channels, and actively involving local communities. The importance of preparedness and comprehensive planning for future pandemics was also underscored in this report.





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