Review of Existing Diseases Surveillance System in Nepal from Climate Change Perspective (जलवायु परिवर्तनको दृष्टिकोणबाट नेपालमा विद्यमान रोग निगरानी प्रणालीको समीक्षा)


The report delves into the significance of public health surveillance systems, particularly focusing on Nepal's Early Warning and Reporting System (EWARS), established in 1996. Within this context, the report identifies and updates climate-sensitive diseases. Diseases like cholera and malaria are singled out and given priority for integrated disease surveillance and/or inclusion in EWARS. The report also assesses whether adjustments to the existing system or the creation of new systems are necessary to effectively monitor these diseases. It underscores the key measures proposed to tackle the identified diseases within the surveillance framework. Furthermore, it outlines the scope of intervention or piloting, providing details on geographical areas such as sites and population coverage for integrated surveillance/EWS. Lastly, the report updates the status of existing meteorological and health data for collection purposes. 





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