Experience Sharing on Jajarkot Earthquake


This presentation compared the impacts of the Bajhang and Jajarkot earthquakes, underscoring the severe consequences of the latter despite the absence of a foreshock. It highlighted the importance of early warning systems, particularly discussing Google's Earthquake Alert Service and its functionality through smartphone accelerometers. Despite a Supreme Court mandate for an Earthquake Early Warning System, progress has been slow. Field updates from Jajarkot and West Rukum unveiled challenges faced by earthquake victims, including delays in grant disbursement, financial burdens imposed by local governments, and inadequate temporary shelter conditions. Issues such as insufficient privacy for women and girls, heightened risk of snake and insect infestations, and environmental concerns like deforestation were also addressed. Recommendations included clarifying guidelines, extending support, and prioritizing vulnerable groups for future disaster preparedness efforts.




Dr. Raju Thapa

Published Year: