Role of Media in Disaster Management


Disaster Risk Reduction Media Society (DRRMS) recently delivered a presentation highlighting the pivotal role of media in disaster management. The presentation underscored how media serves as a crucial link between the public and relevant organizations, effectively disseminating vital information. It emphasized the role of media in raising awareness, fostering coordination among stakeholders, and establishing channels for crisis communication. Furthermore, it highlighted media's ability to mobilize resources, monitor events, and advocate for accountability. The impact of media in disaster management was elucidated, showcasing its role in providing trustworthy information, facilitating decision-making processes, and addressing public health concerns. The presentation stressed the importance of collaboration between media and stakeholders in enhancing disaster management efforts. In conclusion, the presentation emphasized the significance of ensuring equal access to crisis information, leveraging technology for effective communication, providing specialized training for journalists, and fostering collaborative efforts to mitigate disaster risks.




Disaster Risk Reduction Media Society (DRRM)

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