Sep-Oct 2023 DPNet eBulletin


This eBulletin highlights the comprehensive efforts and initiatives undertaken by DPNet Nepal from September to October 2023, focusing on disaster preparedness, response, and resilience-building activities across various provinces in Nepal. The bulletin starts with a detailed account of the formation of the DPNet Bagmati Province Committee, highlighting the significance of collaboration among member organizations for enhancing DRR efforts within the province. It further elaborates on a series of events aimed at bolstering disaster risk governance, inclusion, and accountability in Bagmati Province, with notable contributions from key stakeholders emphasizing the critical role of disaster risk assessment, community preparedness, and the implementation of early warning systems.

In the wake of the Bajhang earthquake, the bulletin covers into the mobilization of resources and expertise to address the immediate and long-term impacts of the seismic event. It describes a range of discussions and meetings organized by DPNet in collaboration with various governmental and nongovernmental partners. These interactions focused on assessing the earthquake's aftermath, planning recovery strategies, and enhancing agricultural and livestock resilience. The narrative highlights the challenges faced in the distribution of aid due to governmental policies and highlights the collective efforts to ensure efficient and equitable assistance to the affected populations. The bulletin also reflects on the International Training Programme - Disaster Risk Management organized by DPNet, aimed at equipping DRRM professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective disaster management. It shares insights from participants and the significance of applying international standards and frameworks in the Nepalese context for improved disaster resilience.

The celebration of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2023 is another focal point of the bulletin, with a theme centered on supporting People with Disabilities (PWD) in disaster situations. The event emphasized the need for inclusive disaster management strategies that address the unique challenges faced by PWD during disasters. Through technical sessions and discussions, the importance of accurate data collection, the integration of PWD into disaster management plans, and the need for accessibility and inclusivity in early warning systems were highlighted. The bulletin wraps up with a detailed account of the discussions on enhancing agriculture and livestock resilience post-Bajhang earthquake. These discussions, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), aimed at planning and coordinating impact assessments to understand the needs of affected households better. The emphasis was on immediate interventions to safeguard grain storage and livestock, illustrating the concerted efforts of various stakeholders to mitigate the earthquake's impact on the agricultural sector and ensure food security


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