DPNet Nepal’s Constitution 2007, First amendment 2018 (डीपीनेट नेपालको विधान २०६४ पहिलो संसोधन २०७४)


The constitution of DPNet Nepal emphasizes the cause for the establishment of DPNet being the heightened risk and vulnerability of the country, urging proactive disaster risk management, preparedness, and climate change adaptation, and acknowledges collaborative efforts from government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international partners. It stresses the importance of integrating disaster risk reduction into national policies and developmental efforts to enhance Nepal's resilience to natural adversities. It highlights the need for coordination, cooperation, and capacity building at various levels, emphasizing a united approach towards disaster resilience and sustainable development.

The document incorporates the information regarding the membership criteria of DPNet, the objectives and roles of the organization and the members, and outline the structure, governance, membership, and operational procedures of the entity. It reflects changes in organizational priorities, strategies, or external factors.


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DPNet Nepal

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