How to be Safe from Disasters? (विपद्हरुबाट कसरी सुरक्षित हुने?)


In situations of extreme vulnerability and recurring disasters, Nepal lacks adequate efforts in disaster preparedness and risk reduction, despite facing significant losses in lives and economy every year. Disaster preparedness and risk reduction are not prioritized in every developmental activity. Rather than waiting for disasters to occur, it is essential to assess potential damages from possible calamities and make necessary preparations to minimize the impact on lives and properties. In this context, this book was published with the objective of providing useful information on safe practices to adopt before disasters strike, as well as the appropriate emergency measures to take in the aftermath. Frequent occurrences of major disasters like earthquakes, floods, landslides, pandemics, fires, and others in Nepal underscore the importance of such preparedness and response knowledge. This book is published under the project " मेरो सुरक्षित गाउँ" implemented by NSET, with financial support from USAID.





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