Ready-to-use Manuals for Repair and Retrofitting of Masonry Structures


The document is a compilation of three manuals offering pre-engineered retrofitting solutions for masonry houses post the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake. These manuals suggest approaches like the strong back method, splint and bandage technique using various materials. Eligibility criteria vary with retrofitting methods. Designing bespoke solutions for over 60,000 houses would be costly; hence, the manuals provide simplified retrofit options applicable to similar houses in the mid-hills of Nepal. These approaches not only address post-earthquake retrofitting but can also enhance the buildings’ future earthquake resilience, making them valuable in a preventative context.

This manual provides guidance specifically on masonry houses and offers pre-engineered retrofitting solutions using the strong back and splint & and bandage approaches for retrofitting of typical masonry houses, particularly the traditional SMM houses common in the midhills of Nepal.





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