NCDRR Technical Session C: Understanding and Managing Disaster Risk


The technical session on Understanding and Managing Disaster Risk, coordinated by Mr. Sunil Sun Shakya and chaired by Prof. Dr. Bishal Nath Upreti, featured four presentations. Dr. Basanta Raj Adhikary discussed the importance of geohazard investigation for sustainable risk reduction in Nepal's Himalayan region. Dr. Deepak Chamlagain presented a case study on urban seismic hazard assessment through seismic micro-zonation in Birendranagar Municipality. Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha, the Executive Director of NSET, focused on earthquake risk management in Nepal, highlighting key approaches and lessons. Finally, Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel discussed indigenous practices in Disaster Risk Reduction. The video can be accessed as Technical Session C: Understanding and Managing Disaster Risk on the YouTube channel of DPNet Nepal.




DPNet Nepal

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