International Women’s Day 2022 "Gender Equality Today for Sustainable Tomorrow": Story Feature Series


This document is one of the case stories among the featured stories on the occasion of International Women's Day which features and honors women leading and contributing to various roles for disaster risk reduction and management, challenging gender roles, and emerging as role models. The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis severely impacted businesses, particularly disrupting supply chains and causing shortages of raw materials and labor. Women-led micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) were disproportionately affected due to their relative exclusion from technological tools, hindering online marketing and operational knowledge. USAID's Tayar Nepal, in collaboration with women-led organizations like and EMERGE, initiated the 'Fostering Resilience of Women-Led Businesses' project. This project aims to support women-owned/led MSMEs and home-based women producers nationwide in coping with the fallout of disasters, with a primary focus on the COVID-19 impact, addressing gaps in information on online marketing, disaster risk reduction, and business continuity planning.





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