Landslide susceptibility mapping along Bhalubang—Shiwapur area of mid-Western Nepal using frequency ratio and conditional probability models


Roads constructed in fragile Siwaliks are prone to large number of instabilities. Bhalubang– Shiwapur section of Mahendra Highway lying in Western Nepal is one of them. To understand the landslide causative factor and to predict future occurrence of the landslides, landslide susceptibility mapping (LSM) of this region was carried out using frequency ratio (FR) and weights-of-evidence (W of E) models. These models are easy to apply and give good results. For this, landslide inventory map of the area was prepared based on the aerial photo interpretation, from previously published/unpublished reposts, and detailed field survey using GPS. About 332 landslides were identified and mapped, among which 226 (70%) were randomly selected for model training and the remaining 106 (30%) were used for validation purpose.


Case Studies


Biswajeet Pradhan

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DOI: 10.1007/s11629-013-2847-6


Journal of Mountain Science

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