Role of CSOs in Earthquake Safety Campaign (भूकम्पीय सुरक्षा अभियानमा नागरीक संस्थाहरुको भूमिका)


This presentation shared by Mr. Vishnu Prasad Timalsina provides in brief the scenario of Disaster in Nepal, the impacts made by disasters in societies along with the major causal factors of different types of disasters and the roles of CSOs in earthquake safety. In the aftermath of an earthquake, CSOs play a vital role in earthquake safety campaigns. CSOs contribute significantly to raising awareness and educating communities on earthquake preparedness, response, and recovery measures. They often collaborate with government agencies, non-profits, and local communities to disseminate crucial information, conduct drills, and facilitate training sessions. CSOs also mobilize resources to support affected populations, enhance community resilience, and advocate for sustainable policies that prioritize earthquake safety. Their involvement extends to empowering communities to develop and implement earthquake safety plans, fostering a culture of preparedness, and ensuring that vulnerable groups receive targeted assistance in the event of seismic events. The active engagement of CSOs is instrumental in fostering a collective and coordinated approach to earthquake safety campaigns.




Mr. Bishnu Prasad Timilsina

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