Topographical and geological factors on gully-type debris flow in Malai River catchment, Siwaliks, Nepal


The article paper focuses on the Topographical and geological factors of gully-type debris flow in Malai River catchment, Siwaliks, Nepal. This paper discusses debris flow in the Siwalik hills of Nepal, situated between the Main Boundary Thrust and Main Frontal Thrust. Debris flow is a common issue, often following landslides during heavy rainfall in steep areas. The study analyzes topographical and geological factors influencing debris flow in the Malai River catchment. Factors like gully length, debris channel area, catchment area, and geological structure were examined. Debris flow events were associated with specific values of the topographical factor (T) and form factor (F), with significant occurrences near the Malai Thrust hanging wall in the Middle and Upper Siwaliks.



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Journal of Nepal Geological Society

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