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Disaster Management Bill and role of DPNet-Nepal

  Sep 15, 2018

DPNet-Nepal had initiated the policy advocacy for the need if comprehensive Disaster Management (DM) Act since 2000's. Since then, the network has conducted several policy dialogue and interaction workshops with Members of Constitution Assembly/Parliaments and DRR stakeholders. In this process, DPNet-Nepal has also developed the disaster management bill on behalf of civil society organizations. Furthermore, the network has also published and disseminated DRR tool kit to sensitize various stakeholders about the need and importance of the Act.

After the tabulation of DM Bill in the parliament, DPNet-Nepal organized a feedback collection workshop on the registered DM bill on the presence of wider stakeholders and recommended 132 points for amendment in the three column amendment form to State Affairs Committee. The role of DPNet-Nepal was vital in sensitizing wider stakeholders about the need of comprehensive Disaster Management Act.