Pre-departure APMCDRR Meeting 

Pre-departure Meeting to participate in APMCDRR event was organized on 12th September, 2022. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary of Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Tek Narayan Pandey and facilitated by Chairperson of the DPNet Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa. Around 50 prospective prospective participants of APMCDRR attended the program.

APMCDRR Preparatory Meeting

APMCDRR Preparatory Meeting has been organized to update the preparatory activities and to prioritize the remaining preparatory works. The meeting was Chaired by Chief of Disaster and Conflict Management Division of Ministry Home Affairs, Mr. Pradip Koirala and facilitated by Deputy Chair Dr. Raju Thapa of DPNet

APMCDRR Official Statement Finalization Meeting

The APMCDRR Official Statement Finalization Meeting was organized by DPNet Nepal in 4th September, 2022 via zoom. The main objective of the meeting was to finalize Official Statement to present in APMCDRR.

Celebration of “World Humanitarian Day 2022”

The celebration of world humanitarian day 2022 was organized by National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) in coordination with Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DPNet) and in collaboration with AIN Task Group on Disaster Management and Climate Change (AIN-TGDM CC) on 19th August, 2022 on Hotel Himalayan.

Discussion Meeting on APMCDR Preparatory Work and Contextual Issues

The discussion meeting on APMCDRR preparatory work and contextual issues was organized by DPNet in collaboration and coordination with AINTGDMCC on 11 August, 2022.

Koshi Flood Emergency Discussion

DPNet has organized a discussion on rainfall triggered Sptakoshi flood which effects more than 2500 households in Sunsari district’s Barahkhetra Municipality and Udaypur districts Bekla Municipality.