Policy Advocacy on DRR&M with local bodies and stakeholders

  Dec 20, 2018

DPNet-Nepal and DCA Nepal have been engaging since 2009 AD. DCA is also an institutional member of DPNet-Nepal. Since that period DCA Nepal and DPNet-Nepal have been engaging on policy advocacy, capacity building, coordination networking and learning sharing as a common platform. Two organizations have been discussing potential areas of collaboration and partnership based on mutual expertise. At present DPNet-Nepal and DCA Nepal are collaborating for policy advocacy on DRR with local bodies and stakeholders.

To operationalize the strategic partnership of DCA with DPNet-Nepal by enhancing the knowledge of local government and stakeholders on the legal instruments and frameworks of DRR following activities will be conductied by DPNet-Nepal with the technical and finacial support of DCA

  • Develop DRR&M toolkit for orienting local government on legal instruments of DRR
  • National Level Consultation Workshop
  • Learning Sharing event on localization
  • Marking the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction