Sphere Coordination Committee Established to Strengthen Humanitarian Response in Nepal

  Dec 01, 2019

Sphere Coordination Committee Established to Strengthen Humanitarian Response in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal - On November 6th, 2019, a significant step was taken towards enhancing coordination and collaboration in humanitarian response efforts as the 'Sphere Nepal broader meeting convened to establish the 'Sphere Coordination Committee'. This committee, comprised of 17 members representing various organizations, will play a crucial role in ensuring effective coordination and adherence to the Sphere standards in disaster response and humanitarian assistance.

The committee members were selected from prominent organizations working in the field of disaster risk reduction and management. Among the appointed members are Raju Thapa from DPNet, Deepak Poudel from NDMF, Mona Aryal from NRCS, Krishna Karki from CDMS, Bishnu Timilsina from DiMaNN, Dinesh Gurung from AINTGDMCC, and Bhesh Parajuli from Mercy Corps. Additionally, 10 full members of Sphere, including Act Alliance, ADRA, CARE, Caritas, IFRC, LWF, Oxfam, Plan International, Save the Children, and World Vision International, also have representation in the committee.

Given DPNet-Nepal's role as the country focal point for Sphere, Mr. Raju Thapa, General Secretary of DPNet-Nepal, was unanimously nominated as the Coordinator of the Sphere Coordination Committee. This appointment recognizes his expertise and experience in the field of disaster response and humanitarian coordination.

The inception of the Sphere Coordination Committee can be traced back to the Sphere Nepal broader meeting held on October 18th, 2019, where the need for a dedicated committee to facilitate effective coordination and implementation of Sphere standards was discussed and agreed upon.

The establishment of the Sphere Coordination Committee marks a significant milestone in Nepal's efforts to enhance humanitarian response and ensure the highest standards of assistance in times of crisis. Through close collaboration and coordination among member organizations, the committee aims to strengthen the country's ability to provide timely and effective humanitarian support to those in need.