Nepali version of Sphere Handbook 2018 handover program

  Jul 05, 2021

DPNet as a country focal point for Sphere Standard in Nepal, has formed the Sphere Coordination Committee and conducted various activities to institutionalize the standard in Nepal. The network has organized the international training of trainers and province-level sphere trainings and sensitization programs. After the Nepali translation of Sphere Handbook 2018 by DPNet-Nepal, the network has been disseminating the books to wider stakeholders.

Continuing the practice, UNICEF supported reprinting 1600 copies of the translated version of the Sphere Handbook and1506 copies were provided to UN IOM by DPNet-Nepal on 5th July 2021. The UN IOM is in the process to deliver disaster risk reduction training program in all 753 Local Levels in Nepal. During this training program the two copies of handbook in each Local Level will be distributed. In the handover program, Dr. Raju Thapa General Secretary of DPNet & Coordinator of Sphere Coordination Committee expressed his sincere thanks to UNICEF for the reprint and UN IOM for supporting the initiation to institutionalize and localize the Sphere Standard that promotes quality and accountability around the globe.