GPDRR in Geneva: Day 5 Emphasizes Inclusive Build Back Better Approach

  May 17, 2019

GPDRR in Geneva: Day 5 Emphasizes Inclusive Build Back Better Approach

Geneva, Switzerland - As the sixth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) entered its fifth day on May 17th, 2019, the focus shifted towards promoting an inclusive approach to building back better after disasters. A significant side event titled "Securing an Inclusive Build Back Better Dividend" took place during the GPDRR 2019, aimed at presenting evidence of the benefits that can be achieved through inclusive build-back better policies, initiatives, or programs.

During the session, Mr. Sushil Gyawali, the CEO of the National Reconstruction Authority in Nepal, delivered a presentation on the concept of building back better. He highlighted the remarkable achievement of 80,000 earthquake-affected individuals who have opened bank accounts, resulting in increased transparency and accountability in the reconstruction process. Mr. Gyawali emphasized the active involvement of the people in preserving historical and cultural sites and stressed the crucial role of political commitment in the success of building back better initiatives. He further underscored the importance of capacity building, robust institutional mechanisms, and effective coordination to enhance preparedness for future disasters and ensure swift response and recovery. Mr. Juan Caballero, Director of Programs and Partnerships, Latin America at Build Change, shared insights on the reconstruction program in Nepal, emphasizing community involvement and the development of local skills.

In addition to the main event, Mr. Madan Pariyar from IDE Nepal presented a case study on the experiences of women and men from various ethnicities and castes concerning the flooding in the Bardiya district.

During the closing ceremony of GPDRR 2019, the Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities, serving as the focal point for UNDESA, ECOSOC, and the General Assembly in all UN sustainable development policies, presented a memorandum, emphasizing the importance of inclusive approaches in disaster risk reduction and sustainable development.

As GPDRR 2019 nears its conclusion, the emphasis on an inclusive build-back better approach reflects the growing recognition of the need to address the specific needs and vulnerabilities of marginalized groups in disaster-prone regions. By prioritizing inclusivity and engaging local communities, stakeholders, and decision-makers, the global community endeavors to create a more resilient and equitable future.