GPDRR in Geneva: Day 4 Unveils Official Statements and Position Paper

  May 17, 2019

GPDRR in Geneva: Day 4 Unveils Official Statements and Position Paper

Geneva, Switzerland - Day 4 of the sixth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR) continued to witness significant developments as Nepal took center stage to deliver its official statement and release the position paper. The event, which took place on May 16th, 2019, served as a platform for Nepal to highlight its commitment to disaster risk reduction and share key priorities and achievements in this field.

During the proceedings, the Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs delivered Nepal's official statement, addressing the distinguished audience. In the statement, he drew attention to the unprecedented powerful windstorm (Tornado) that struck two southern districts of Nepal, marking a historic event in the nation's history. He emphasized the formation of a National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal, comprising I/NGOs, academia, media, and stakeholders working in the field. Stressing the significance of global cooperation and collaboration in addressing the global problem of disasters, he reiterated Nepal's full commitment to implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Furthermore, he revealed Nepal's target of achieving Priority 2 and Target E of the Sendai Framework by the year 2020. Emphasizing the government's current priorities in disaster risk reduction, he highlighted the enforcement of the National Building Code, promotion of disaster-resilient structures, establishment of early warning systems, and the development of multi-hazard risk mapping and vulnerability assessment.

Following the official statement, the position paper of Nepal for GPDRR 2019 was released. This document, based on the key themes outlined in the official statement, was developed by DPNet-Nepal in its role as the secretariat. Extensive consultations with stakeholders contributed to the formulation of the draft position paper, ensuring a comprehensive representation of Nepal's perspectives and priorities.

In addition to these crucial developments, the prestigious Sasakawa Award, the most esteemed recognition by the United Nations in the field of Disaster Risk Management, was presented during the highly anticipated Award Ceremony.

The Ignite Stage provided an opportunity for various teams to present their research findings, share insights on key issues, and impart valuable lessons learned about disaster risk reduction in Nepal.

As the GPDRR in Geneva progresses, each day brings forth essential updates, discussions, and exchange of knowledge, fostering a collective determination to build resilience and effectively mitigate disaster risks on both regional and global scales.