DPNet Conducted Field Visit to Assess Earthquake Recovery Efforts.

  Feb 16, 2024

From February 7th 2024, DPNet conducted week long field visit to assess the ongoing recovery challenges in earthquake affected area. Nearly after three and half months of the devastating earthquake struck on November field visit was conducted in the leadership of DPNet Chair Surya Bahadur Thapa aling with with Dr. Meen Bahadur Poudyal Chhetri and Dr. Sushila Paudel.
Recognising the importance of DPNet's initiatives in information dissemination and field assessment, the Mayor of Bheri Municipality extended a letter of appreciation to the team. This gesture highlights the value of DPNet's contributions to the earthquake response efforts, particularly in facilitating communication and coordination among stakeholders.

The field visit revealed several key challenges, including the lack of uniformity in relief distribution, delayed government reconstruction assistance, and the inadequacies of temporary shelters made from galvanized iron sheets. In contrast, a model shelter developed by Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel presents a promising alternative, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, insulation, and cultural relevance.

The health sector in Jajarkot faces its own set of challenges, with increased maternal and neonatal deaths reported alongside a rise in mental health issues. The lack of specialized medical personnel and facilities exacerbates the situation, highlighting the critical need for enhanced healthcare support and infrastructure.

Despite DPNet's efforts in reporting and information dissemination, feedback from NGOs, INGOs, and local government officials indicates a gap in the effective use of such reports for decision-making. This points to the necessity for a more streamlined and accessible reporting mechanism to better support recovery and relief operations.