Coordination and Communication Desk in Bara Provides Situation Update

  Apr 03, 2019

Coordination and Communication Desk in Bara Provides Situation Update

Bara, Nepal - In response to the devastating storm that struck Bara and Parsa districts, an emergency meeting was held on April 1st, bringing together member networks of DPNet, DiMaNN, NCDMC, and various stakeholders. The meeting resulted in the establishment of a 'Coordination and Communication Desk' in the Bara District to streamline relief efforts and prevent duplication. The desk commenced its operations on April 2nd, actively observing, analyzing, and updating the situation on the ground. Here are the latest developments reported by the desk:

  • A wide range of stakeholders, including government officials, political parties, business entrepreneurs, and NGOs/INGOs, are actively engaged in relief operations.
  • The Non-resident Nepalese Association (NRN) has initiated the distribution of relief materials to affected individuals.
  • Bharbaliya and Porainiya, severely affected areas, are receiving significant attention from relief material distributors.
  • The coordination desk has urged all concerned stakeholders, including the Chief District Officer, to coordinate effectively and ensure the equitable distribution of relief materials across all affected areas. It has further emphasized the importance of consulting with District Administration Office (DAO) officials and local government authorities to ensure the justifiable distribution of relief materials to all affected families.
  • Security forces have commenced the construction of temporary shelters for affected individuals. They are currently working in collaboration with the Red Cross team. Nepal Red Cross has already provided 150 tarpaulins, and an additional 300 tarpaulins dispatched by the government are expected to arrive soon.
  • Generators have been deployed in various locations to provide lighting during the night and recharge communication devices such as cell phones.
  • Tarpaulins are being sourced from different districts, including contributions from organizations like UNICEF and the Nepal Red Cross Society.
  • Province 3 government has pledged Rs. 10 million to support housing construction in the storm-affected areas.
  • The provincial assembly of Province 3 has approved a three-day salary support for affected individuals.
  • A High-Level Committee has been established by the provincial government to assess the extent of the damage caused by the storm.
  • The cabinet has mobilized the Disaster Management Division Committee (DDMC) to provide immediate medical aid, food grains, tarpaulins, and treatment services.
  • The central government has committed to providing modern gas stoves and solar panels to the affected areas promptly.
  • Province 2 government has decided to construct pre-fabricated houses within four months for affected families.
  • The Ministry of Health and Population has deployed a specialized team to monitor the treatment of injured individuals in the affected area.

The Coordination and Communication Desk in Bara continues to actively monitor the situation, facilitate coordination among stakeholders, and provide regular updates to ensure an effective and efficient response to the needs of the affected communities.