Coordination and Communication Desk at Bara District

  Apr 09, 2019

Coordination and Communication Desk at Bara District

The urgent meeting with the member organization of DPNet-Nepal on 1st April 2019 decided to establish a coordination and communication desk at Bara district in coordination with DiMaNN, NCDMC and other stakeholders  to update the situation among stakeholders and lessen the duplication in emergency response. With this, the desk came into function from 2nd April 2019 just a day after the urgent meeting. The desk started observing, analyzing and updating the situation. The situation update on daily basis from 2nd April to 7th April 2019 was shared in dpnetyahoo group and AINTGDM Google group.

The major initiatives taken by DPNet-Nepal, NCDMC and DiMaNN are as below:

  • Facilitating to find out if the real victims are getting relevant relief.
  • Coordinating with the local representatives to ensure relief and rescue operation are going on smoothly.
  • Coordinating with various agencies for timely response.
  • Observing, analyzing, updating and reporting the situation

The coordination and communication desk has helped in updating the situation and coordinated to reduce duplication in emergency response.