APMCDRR Preparatory Meeting

  Sep 17, 2022

APMCDRR Preparatory Meeting has been organized to update the preparatory activities and to prioritize the remaining preparatory works. The meeting was Chaired by Chief of Disaster and Conflict Management Division of Ministry Home Affairs, Mr. Pradip Koirala and facilitated by Deputy Chair Dr. Raju Thapa of DPNet.
The meeting was attended by various stakeholders including National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA), security sectors. Dr. Thapa highlighted the main points of the position paper and requested all concerned stakeholders to provide comments and feedback by 11th September. He also requested security sectors and specialized agencies like NSET to prepare some prototype, miniature, model to showcase in Nepal’s  Marketplace at Brisbane. Various participants provided some feedback to be incorporated. Some prominent suggestions were to include the learning and good practices of Gorkha earthquake in position paper and the issue of DRR localization, inclusion, indigenous practice in DRR.  After brief discussion Mr. Pradip Koirala gave concluding remarks. He informed that the position paper prepared after a rigorous discussion with stakeholders has been uploaded in the APMCDRR system. He further said that position paper has a word limit so any issues that need to be elaborated should be placed in position paper. So, stakeholders should go carefully on the draft position paper to include things to be incorporated. He further requested that DPNET as a Secretariat of NPDRR should collect feedback and prepare final draft by second week of September. He also requested DPNET to do necessary arrangements for Nepal’s Marketplace and print approved position paper in both hardcopy and braille and concluded the meeting.